Who or what is Shipwrite?

And why “Shipwrite”?

I’m Emma Gledhill; I’m a professional translator and interpreter, and a professional sailor. Hence Shipwrite.

I have worked in the language industry for over 25 years and hold degrees and postgraduate qualifications in German, Dutch and Translation. As well as enjoying the status of Chartered Linguist, I am qualified under the ISO 17100:2015 standard. I translate from German, Swiss German, Dutch and French into English, and interpret German-English-German.

The sailing thing is a bit more recent – although hardly new, since I’ve been “messing about in boats“ since I was about 6 years old. And with ancestors including a sailmaker, a ship’s carpenter, a revenue man and Navy types – both Royal and merchant – you could say it’s in my blood. However, formal professional qualifications came along a bit later in life. I’m an RYA Shorebased Instructor for classroom-based theory teaching, and an RYA Cruising Instructor and Senior Dinghy Instructor on the water – all underpinned by my qualification as a commercially-endorsed MCA Yachtmaster Offshore.

  • I’m originally British, a native English-speaker.
  • Born and bred in the UK
  • Year abroad in Regensburg, Germany 1990-91
  • Moved to the Zurich area in 2000
  • Dual British-Swiss citizen
  • Now adding Rhaeto-Romansch (Sursilvan) to my collection of languages

If you want to know more about my language services, you’re on the right page. If you are dreaming of a sailing holiday around Greek islands (or learning to sail), change course towards the Cloud Nine Sailing site.

It's such a pleasure working with you!

I wish all translators were like you – this would make my professional life so much easier. Thanks again!

Veronika Hüll | Atrado

Perfect timing!

Emma, you did a great job on this one, thanks so much for your commitment and your professional approach!

Christine Lemberger |  Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH

My compliments on a great job

It’s really great stuff! Who needs luck when you have an Emma?!

Mark Everson | Lifeline Language Services Ltd

Glowing feedback

I just got the following feedback about the job:
“weiß nicht, ob ich es schon einmal geschrieben habe, aber diese Übersetzung ist wirklich ausgezeichnet. Ich wünschte, ich käme immer so schnell durch!”
I was hoping they’d get back to us on this one, given the prestige factor for the job. In any case, thanks again for your super translation!

Dawn McNamara | Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH

What Shipwrite does


If you have German, Dutch or French technical or marketing copy that wants to be translated into English, look no further.

In the course of a career spanning 25 years and counting, I’ve encountered all sorts of wonderful texts – wonderfully written, wonderfully wordy, not to mention wonderfully weird. From marketing web copy to user manuals, from tourism material to technical specifications, from commercial documents to government reports, from invitations to tender to training materials…… With extensive experience in IT & telecoms, HR & education, automotive engineering, property construction, management & transactions and more, I cover topics as eclectic as my interests. Oh, and I built this website all by my very own self, so as you can see, I can find my way around web work too.

Some translation projects that stand out in the memory include the user interface for an e-reader, the service manuals for a prominent model of car, a 130,000-word comparative education report and the user instructions for a carwash!

And, as professional sailor, if you happen to have a pilot book that wants translating, I’m your gal 😉

On a more prosaic note, translations are usually delivered in electronic form, but I can also supply a hard copy, which can also be affixed with an ITI seal, notarised or, if required, an apostille obtained.


I offer interpreting services between German (including Swiss German) and English.

I am available for consecutive and ad hoc interpreting in general business, tourist and social environments.

Clients often book me to interpret for RAV (job centre) appointments. When you ask me to help in this environment, you don’t just get someone who will interpret the words being said; my long experience also allows me to explain the RAV system to you to avoid the pitfalls that you might fall into if you work on assumptions brought from your home country.

I’ve worked with many RAV offices including Zug, Thalwil, Meilen and several in Zurich city for initial appointments, ongoing counsellor appointments, information meetings, self-employment information sessions etc. It is now a requirement in Zurich canton, for instance, to take someone to interpret at appointments unless your German is already good enough to be able to work in a German-speaking environment.

I also have plenty of experience working for business meetings, exhibitions, notary appointments etc. Having bought and sold property in Switzerland myself several times, clients value my familiarity with the process.

As you would expect of a professional, you are my priority for the time I reserve for you; other work will be turned down and personal appointments will not be scheduled. When you book me, I’m not going to let you down at the last minute because other priorities get in the way.



What if it’s not quite plain boring old translation? Nor yet formal interpreting? What if you are just overwhelmed trying to run your life in a new country in a language you don’t yet understand? That’s where my specialist language assistance service comes in.

  • No idea which letters are important and which are just junk?
  • Looking to buy a car but your German’s not up to it?
  • Flummoxed by a form to fill out?
  • Thinking of setting up as self-employed?
  • Need help to make a phone call to a service provider?
  • Want to know how much of your life you’re signing away in that contract?

Driven to distraction and discombobulation?
Give me a call. I’ll help you.


Use this form to find out more about how I can help you and/or to enquire about availability. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.




+41 79 277 0623


Via Larisch 2
7031 Laax GR

Grüezi / Bien Di

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